Frequently Asked Questions
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We have thought from your end and answered almost all possible questions. Starting from eligibility to redemption of rewards, everything is covered. Just in case you have other questions not covered here, please mail

Who can join?

If you are Indian Citizen and above 14 years of age, you are perfectly eligible to join.

How much can I earn?

Please note that this is not a BECOME-RICH-QUICK programme or MLM. We are a Market Research Company and send you online survey link. When you complete each Surveys, we pay you a small reward. So, please do not treat this as a Source of Income. This is a place where you can speak out your opinion and make some money.

How many surveys will I get every month?

It really depends on your profile completion. If you have all your profile questions completed, you have the possibility of getting more Surveys.

How can I know if I am eligible for a Survey you send me?

On all Surveys, we ask few questions initially to see if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you will automatically proceed to the MAIN SURVEY. But, we will try our best to make sure that we send you more appropriate surveys.

How long should I spend on each Surveys?

It really depends on the Scope of Research but please note that the reward depends on the time. MORE TIME it takes, MORE REWARD you receive. We will clearly mention how much time it would possibly take and how much reward you can make in the Survey mail we send.

How long will you take to send my reward?

We would try to send your reward as soon as possible but it might take upto 3 weeks to reach you from the date of submitting your reward claim.

What is the limit to redeem my rewards?

Currently, there are 2 options to redeem your rewards - Flipkart voucher or Cheque. For Flipkart voucher, minimum points required is 15. For Cheque, minimum points required is 76. Each point is worth US dollar 0.125. The equivalent amount in INR after deducting charges and taxes, if any, will be paid to you.

How can I reach you for any doubts/issues?

You can email for all your queries and we shall respond as quick as possible.